Monday, August 1, 2016

audio to text: caraku generate unique content tanpa nulis dan ngerti bahasa inggris

pertama pakai ini buat convert audio ke text nya

kemudian pakai virtual audio cable

tinggal nyalain youtube selesai. tinggal edit2 textnya.


Hi I'm very welcome to Betty's Kitchen did they were making chocolate milk not any special kind it's just plain old chocolate milk I've done a lot of drinks such as French hot chocolate spiced apple cider buttered rum I fancy your dreams but someone did ask me at one time to make this plain old regular chocolate milk so I'm getting around to it finally now so there's no way I'm going to make it by 5 so if you want to make more than one class so if you want more classes then multiply what I do before I'm going to use cocoa powder and have measured out one tablespoon and I could talk to me you can cut glass tile and give you my impression of him at the end but that's one tablespoon of cocoa powder and I'm just put it straight in my class but I'm going to be using and then I have 2 tablespoons of sugar or you may use a sugar substitute if you would prefer that we need to stay together but you know if we put our milk and I have couple of cups of milk right here if we put that and then this sugar will not dissolve completely and it actually could be a problem in making the top of that one solution would be to use hot water to dissolve this and in fact as I grew up we did it that way but we had whole milk to drink because we had a dairy farm and I work out here at home where can I drink skim milk so I don't want to water this down by putting water in it so what I've done is taken some skim milk and I have scolded if you can see probably some steam coming off of it and I'm going to take just enough to get that combined this is a tablespoon measure and I'm not going to get it completely full but you can say that's two tablespoons pretty much and I can get back and get more if I need it

dari video

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